diet tips during dengue
diet tips during dengue

Below are few diet tips during dengue fever :


1. Papaya leaf:

  • Drink 2-5 teaspoonful of Juice, extracted from crushed papaya leaves (preferably fresh leaves) multiple times a day depending on the severity.
  • Papaya leaf juice helps to increase the platelet count .


2. Kiwi fruit:

  • Eating Kiwi fruits during dengue fever helps to stabilize the platelet count during dengue fever.

3. Water:

  • Drinking plenty of Water is beneficial during the dengue fever.


4. Fluids:

  • Take fresh Fruit juices and Coconut Water.
  • Take plain Chicken soup.

5. Green Leafy Vegetables:

  • Eat healthy diet with lots of fresh green vegetables.
  • Eat boiled green vegetables and avoid Oily and Spicy food.


6. High Protein Diet:

  • High protein foods like Chicken,  Fish, Eggs, Cereals and other Dairy products should be included in the diet.


NOTE: The normal platelet count ranges between 150,000 and 410,000 per µL. 

Disclaimer: This is a diet tip shared by Dengue Patient and should not be a substitute for visiting a doctor at the earliest in case you have symptoms of dengue. Please share any diet tips you can offer .

Image Credit: Wikipedia