Stress plays a key role in determining stomach health, often leading to gastritis. The stomach, in addition to reacting to the items consumed, reacts actively to the beverages consumed as well. Psychology also reportedly plays a key role in stomach health. Not only is your stomach sensitive to stress, it also responds actively to many psychological disorders.

The food consumed by an individual makes its way to the stomach via the mouth or the buccal cavity. The teeth mash the food into a gooey uneven chunky mash and transports it to the stomach that secretes small quantities of hydrochloric acid of pH around 2.0. The food is mixed with these acids to break down into its constituent biomolecules that nourishes the body, post absorption. However, when we skip a meal or consume alcoholic beverages, junk food or soft drinks, the concentration of acid in the stomach increases proportionally leading to a burning sensation in the food pipe. This condition, clinically termed as gastritis.


The most common symptom of gastritis includes a

  • burning sensation in the chest,
  • pain in the upper part of the stomach
  • as well as nausea.

Gastritis often damages the inner lining of the stomach because of the over secretion of the hydrochloric acid. The thin layer of mucus covering the stomach cannot tolerate the brutality of the concentrated acid. Thus, the walls of this vital digestive organ fall prey to the same. Stress has been proven to be an underlying cause of gastritis. Internally, gastritis leads to ulcers or bleeding wounds in the organ or inflammation.

Following are four food items that are smart food choices. They will make your stomach healthy by avoiding the condition altogether.


1. Ginger :

Ginger is extremely efficient in combating gastritis. It eases the acid build up and helps you lead an indigestion-free life. The refreshing taste of this root vegetable renders it multiple uses. Being a versatile ingredient, it can be a part of our diet in the form of soups, beverages, salads, soups and what not. No wonder  the Indian cuisine gives this ingredient so much preference to this root vegetable.


2. Apple :

Being rich in both fiber and antioxidants, apples stabilize the body to combat gastritis by removing the free radicals from the body thereby stabilizing the corrosive action of the acid. Furthermore, the fiber content of the fruit keeps the digestive system healthy.

3. Almonds :

Almonds neutralize the acid buildup in the stomach very easily. You would be surprised to know that a handful of almonds, say twenty of them, can stabilize your gastritis symptoms, read the burning sensation, in a matter of thirty minutes.

If the food item holds the power to subside strong symptoms in a matter of minutes, imagine how good it would do to your body to consume them on a regular basis. It’s time to listen to our mothers who have been coaxing us to eat almonds, soaked in almond every morning on an empty stomach.


4. Oats :

In addition to a healthy fiber content, oats are rich in minerals, carbohydrates and a number of solid fatty acids. It is considered a part of a hearty, healthy breakfast for the high carbohydrate content which burns slowly to give you long lasting energy. The high fiber content helps in proper bowel movement and minerals facilitate micronutrition. The ability of this food item to stay in your stomach for longer than others do not allow the acid buildup to occur.

Gastritis can make you feel extremely uneasy. Ease the discomfort by incorporating these four food items in your diet on a daily basis.