Foods to Boost your Immune System for Winter

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There is no such proof that can link any one particular food to prevent a cough , cold and other winter related diseases. However, these following tips are important for proper functioning of the human body’s immune system during winter.


A. Increase  Vitamin-C  Intake:

Many people think of vitamin C when they think colds and flu. If you do the same, then probably you should think again.

An ideal intake of vitamin C is crucial to boost your immune system in winter.

Citrus fruits  like Oranges, Amla etc. are good source of Vitamin – C.


B. Increase  Zinc  Intake:

Zinc is responsible for the development and proper functioning of the infection-fighting white blood cells in human body.

It is mostly found in seafood and lean red meat. However, a small content of zinc is found in wholegrain bread, fortified breakfast cereals and nuts.


C. Eat  Fresh Fruits and  Vegetables  for  Vitamins  and  Antioxidant:

 Concentrate on fresh vegetables and fruits during winter months. These boost your immune system in winter and are rich sources of multiple powerful antioxidants. It protects the body cells from damage and infection.

Beetroot, broccoli, sweet potato, oranges, pumpkin, and red capsicum are all full of nutrition.You can either juice them or throw into stir-fries, or even can simply bake it to serve with soups and warming casseroles.

D. Keep the  Body  Hydrated:

Last but not the least; keep your body hydrated with the correct fluid intake. Dehydration makes you cough and causes the flu. It is also worse for your digestion in general.

If you are drinking less water in winter, switch to green tea. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and increases the metabolic rate of the body.

You can also drink warm water with a slice of lemon to hydrate your body to boost your immune system in winter.

Image Credit: Pixabay