get rid of Ants

Ants are tiny social insects where you can find trailing across your kitchen floor or garden. They can enter home and building through minute cracks and crevices. There are different types of ants having different habitat and characters.


Common species of Ants are:

• Black Carpenter Ants
• Field Ants
• Larger Yellow Ants
• False Honey Ants
• Pavement Ants
• Odorous House Ants
• Cornfield Ants
• Pharaoh Ants
• Grease or Thief Ants
• Sugar ants


The most common house-invading ants are Pavement, Carpenter, Acrobat, Pharaoh and Odorous house ants.
The most effective way to kill ants, trailing in your house is not a childish task. Firstly, you have to know the invading ant species, then to find out vital points to control Ants. Ants can get into our garden, kitchen, damage our plants, property, food and bite who disturb them.


There are a dozen strategies to get rid of Ants.


1. Identify the species of your ants:

The first step in controlling ants in and around your house is to identify the kind of the Ants. Eventually, you can select suitable bait for controlling the ants.


2. Watching the ants that enter our home:

The main reason that ants enter a house is in search of food. An ant will look for food, but once it finds food, the ant will return to its nest with the crumble, leaving a scent trail behind it. Eliminating these sources is the vital target to get rid of ants from your home.


3. Don’t spray the Ants:

It may sound silly. Ants that you see are workers. Their job is to collect food and take it back to feed the Queen and her young worker ants. If you spray and kill these ants, the colony will shift their nest to a better place.


4. Use Ant bait:

Instead of spraying ,use the ant bait. Ant baits are made up of food to attract the ants having the properties of a slow-acting insecticide. Knowing all label directions, keep ant bait station along the trail you detected. The workers are able to carry the poisoned food to the nest and feed the other colony members including the breeding queen. Thus, the entire colony can be eliminated.

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5. Don’t be hurry:

The queen who lays all the eggs never leave her nest. She just stays there being feed by the workers and breeding more and more. So you spray and spray the workers but the queen will just reproduce more ants to take their place. If the colony is large or it has several queens, you may need to shift the bait station.


6. Sweep or Mop floors:

If you don’t want to mop away the ant’s odour trail yet, keep it unclean. The trail will now lead the workers to your bait instead.


7. Action time:

If the frustrated trailing ants have led you to an outdoor or below ground nest, it is the time to spray. Drenching the nest with approved insecticide spray can be effective.


8. Sanitation:

It is one of the most vital steps for the prevention and control of any pest.


9. Sealing cracks and crevices:

Ants can find easy entry points through cracks, pipes, electric wiring, tv cables and other such entry points. It should be checked, repaired and seal the gaps.


10. Don’t leave food crumb openly:

It is one of the attraction steps for the ants. It should be in the right containers and keep them in lidded.


11. Keep out of touching trees with your house:

Trees and shrubs are trimmed so that they do not touch the house.


12.Using prevention and control:

The following methods can be used to get rid of ants at home naturally.


a) Cinnamon:

Mix teaspoon of cinnamon oil  ( you can try this cinnamon oil ) with one cup of water. You can soak a cotton bail, wipe down the trail and the entry points. Repeat it once or twice daily. And you can use cinnamon oil spray in places of ant infestation.

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b) White Vinegar:

Mix equal proportion with water and follow the same procedure as above.
c) Neem :

It is a very popular effective ways and can be done as above.
d) Lemon:

Lemon oil drops or its juice can be used as above.
e) Peppermint:

Add 10 drops of peppermint oil to 1 cup of water. Spray and sprinkle to the infested areas as above.
f) Borax:

Mix equal amount of borax and food jelly or 1:3 ratio with granulated sugar. Add enough water and put the paste on the infected areas.


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Ants you see trailing in your home are workers searching for any crumble you have left behind after a great feast. So, to get rid of ants , you required to get rid of crumbs which the ants want to share with the queen. Put an approved bait on the trail of the ants so that they will carry it back to its nest and eliminate the entire colony.

Image Credit: Wikimedia