Hair Care Tips for Summer

Summers are particularly harsh on our skin and hair. The rage of the sun and the agony of the body reflect in the form of sweat. To take care of your precious tresses, we recommend these eleven hair care tips for summer. With these tips, you can save your hair some serious damage without putting in much effort. At the same time, we ensure you that you would be paying attention to the most intricate aspects of hair care.


1. Never head straight to the shower

The biggest mistake you can make during the summers is to head to the shower straight after a sweaty day out. Yes, the heat has affected you, agreed!  However, heading straight to the shower is not a very good idea. Instead, wait for some time, let the sweat dry up naturally. By the time that happens, your body temperature would be equal to the temperature of the surroundings. Then head to the shower and wash off the residual sweat and grime.

This reduces hair fall and does not weaken your hair roots.


2. Wash your hair with Ice Cold Water Once a Week

  • In a bucket of water, empty 5 to 6 ice cubes and let it sit for a while until the ice melts.
  • Use this water to rinse your hair after shampooing followed by a couple of rinses with normal tap water.

The rinses with normal water at the end will ensure that the scalp does not retain ice water yet allowing it to remain cool, reducing the possibilities of zits and acne on the scalp.


3. Use Menthol based Shampoo

A menthol based shampoo works best at cooling the scalp. The cool after effects of the shampoo will give you a nice relaxing feel, allowing you to fall asleep easily- a common problem associated with summer nights.

It is a soothing option to getting rid of the sweat and dirt without making your hair dry and frizzy.


4. Add a couple of drops of Mint or Eucalyptus Oil to Your Bath Water

Have you scheduled a relaxing bath before going to bed? Does your scalp feel icky? In addition, do you think you have a couple of zits on your scalp too? The key to combat zits and acne on the scalp is to keep it cool. Some herbs like mint, eucalyptus and rosemary tend to have a cooling effect.

In addition, they disinfect the scalp, not allowing the growth of bacteria and fungus preventing dandruff and other hair care issues.

  • The most effective hair care tip for summer is to drop a couple of cooling essential oils in your bathtub and sit in it for 10 to 15 odd minutes.

This will do serious good to your hair.


5. Shampoo once every week

Dandruff causing bacteria and fungus often mix with the sweat. The sweat attracts dirt.

Not to forget that the moisture from the sweat makes your scalp a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. Thus, it is advised that you cleanse your scalp regularly but not so often, that it strips the scalp of its natural oils. We recommend doing it once every week.

However, use products taking the nature of your scalp’s condition into consideration.

For example, if you have dandruff, use an anti-dandruff shampoo, or, if you have dry hair and an equally dry scalp, use a mild shampoo. The key is to understand your needs and choose your products accordingly.


6. Choose Your Hair Oil Wisely

During summers, you do not want heavy oil that is sticky. For example, mustard oil or bhringaraj oil is an exceptionally good option for the dry winters, but using it during the summers could be a nightmare.

Thus, coconut oil or jasmine oil is a great option for the summers. Light in density, both these oils prevent profuse sweating.

Do not forget to wash your face with a face wash post oiling your hair thoroughly.


7. Do not leave your hair oil overnight

Leaving your hair oil overnight might not be a very good idea especially if you experience profuse sweating. The hair oil when left for long hours on the hair tends to make you uncomfortable.

Therefore, it is best to keep your hair oil for two hours to moisturize your hair and wash it off within the period.

The oil can also mix with the sweat to give rise to acne and pimples on the scalp, resulting from clogged pores.


8. Do not put your hair into tight hairstyles

A tight fishtail or dutch braid might look fashionable but a tight hairstyle will make your scalp itchy and sweaty. Thus, a more breathable plait or pulling your hair into a bun is much better.

Your scalp can breathe easily, allowing the sweat to dry easily.


9. Do not use Straighten Irons or Curling Tongs

The fashionable hair straightening irons or curling tongs might give you manageable hair but it ruins your hair in the long run, especially in the summer season. The UV rays of the sun along with the heat from the irons and tongs cause more damage. Thus, cut the heat and opt for comfortable hairstyles instead.


10. Replace your Hair Gel with this Little Spray

Hair gels tend to make your hair dry and brittle. To avoid that, use a simple spray you can make at home.

  • All you will need for this recipe is some water, a tube of aloe vera gel and a spray container.
  • Fill the spray container three quarters with aloe vera gel and fill the rest of the tube with water.
  • Mix it well together.
  • A great trick is to mix the aloe vera gel with one part water and then fill the container. There you go.

The next time you feel that your hair is getting dry, spritz some of this on and smoothen your tresses.


11. Condition your hair to get rid of smell and frizz

The best hair care tip for summer, especially for who experience smelly hair or have hair that is prone to frizz is to condition your hair from time to time.

  • To do this, mix 10-15 ml of apple cider vinegar in 200 ml water and use it to rinse your hair every morning.

It will tame your hair and make it more manageable.


Bonus Tip 1 : Never comb your hair with a paddle brush or round brush

A paddle brush or a round brush can often result in unnecessary hair breakage and damage to hair follicles because of the nature of the bristles. Thus, it is advisable to use a wide mouthed comb. This priceless hair care tip for summer actually comes handy every time you cleanse and condition your scalp. They untangle the hair instead of teasing the strands for wet hair can be more susceptible to damage.


Bonus Tip 2 : Dab some Sunscreen

This little trick in the book is for those who experience that their hair turns a lighter shade of brown upon exposure to the sun. Do you apply sunscreen on your face and neck? Great. So the next time you are stepping out and have applied sunscreen on your face and neck, run your fingers on your hair. This will prevent the discoloration experienced.

Summers can be extremely draining on our system. Thus, it is best that we pay attention to how it affects the hair the most and work towards minimizing the damage. This article pinpoints the problems and with the help of these hair care tips for summer help you prevent the damage.

Image Credit : wikimedia