This article briefs you about some of the Health Benefits of drinking water from Copper vessel:


1. Keep you away from

  • Diabetes,
  • Diseases of stomach, liver, spleen,
  • Headache,
  • Eye complications and
  • Cure constipation and Clears bowels
  • Disorders caused by gas, cough, etc.


2. It has beauty with the brain kind of properties.

i.e., Promotes healthy skin even helps to reduce white patches on the skin and also stimulate the brain.


When to drink Copper Water ?

The first-morning drink  without brushing the teeth or gargling should be from Copper vessel. One of the best suggestions from Granny, then walks, at least, a hundred steps before going to the toilet, which will help to cure constipation and clears bowels.


Things to Remember before drinking water  from Copper vessels :

  • In evening fill the copper vessel and cover it with lid.
  • You can add few basil leaves which make it more effective.
  • During winter water becomes cold, make it lukewarm and drink.

Image Credit: Pixabay