Asafoetida, commonly known as “hing” ( हींग ) in the Indian subcontinent has Persian origin. Obtained from the latex of a herb called Ferula, asafoetida benefits the body system in numerous ways.


The all year long availability of the spice is guaranteed by the perennial nature of the Ferula plant. Known largely for its strong fragrance, it is called the Devil’s Dung. Enriched with calcium, niacin, iron, manganese and protein, asafoetida has earned its reputation as a major ingredient in various home remedies.


Other names of Asafoetida –

  • Ferula foetida (Botanical name)
  • Perungayam (Tamil) 
  • Hing , हींग  (Hindi)


Calories (energy) in Asafoetida : 297


Major Nutrients Present in Asafoetida :


Health Benefits of Asafoetida :


  1. Asafoetida benefits the human digestive system by alleviating a large number of stomach and digestive problems at once. Be it Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS, food poisoning, intestinal worm issues, stomach indigestion, chronic gastritis or repeated flatulence, asafoetida bears the capabilities to sort all these digestive issues without much problems. This is majorly because of its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties and high antioxidant contents.

Ayurveda suggests regular consumption of “hing” in the diet as a condiment in lentils and vegetable curries.

  • Other than that, regular consumption of a tablespoon of asafoetida dissolved in water is great for your digestive health.


  1. Other than antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, asafoetida also bears many properties than prove beneficial in curing a large number of respiratory problems including minor cough and cold, asthma and many more respiratory disorders.
  • It can be consumed with honey. The honey along with the asafoetida clings to an itchy throat and soothes the bruised throat. In addition, it can also help the phlegm in the lungs clogging the bronchus to facilitate easy breathing and combat many more respiratory disorders.
  • Otherwise, it can be directly incorporated in the diet along with regular water or beverages like Jal jeera, that is, cumin soaked in water and seasoned with rock salt.


  1. Women face a large number of issues when it comes to their reproductive health. The period of five days of menstruation is an exceptionally crucial time. Common menstrual issues include heavy blood flow, irregular flow, and pain in the lower abdomen and lower back.
  •  Asafoetida benefits a menstruating woman from these simple problems by encouraging the flow of progesterone. This progesterone helps in smooth, regular blood flow by breaking the endometrial lining formed on the uterus uniformly.
  • Often added to buttermilk with a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds powder, it provides instant relief.


  1. Headaches have become a common side effect of a hectic day. The form of headaches can range from a cough and cold to migraines to what not. Irrespective of the cause, asafoetida with its anti-inflammatory properties reduces headaches in a matter of minutes.

Asafoetida benefits and serves this purpose by reducing the blood flow in the blood vessels in and around the region.

  • A concoction of water and asafoetida is beneficial for reducing headaches.
  • A topical ointment created with saunth or dried ginger, camphor, rose water and some asafoetida is an age-old natural remedy still practiced in the rural parts of India to relieve headaches.


  1. Dental health can be corrupted by various habits. From minor toothaches to bad breath, a large number of problems can be comfortably handled with the help of asafoetida. It has also proven beneficial in curing pyorrhea, characterized by poor bleeding gums and bad breath.
  • To cure severe toothaches, find a small lump of asafoetida and stick it directly to the portion that hurts.
  • To promote general dental hygiene, dissolve some asafoetida in water and use it to rinse your mouth thrice every day.
  • To soothe bleeding gums, mix asafoetida and lemon juice in a bowl and heat it.
  • Soak a cotton swab in the mixture and gently dab it on your gums to cure bleeding gums.  


  1. Put the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties of asafoetida to some good use by using it to cure earaches and infection in the ear.
  • Asafoetida benefits ear infections and earaches when heated with coconut oil. Let the oil cool down before you use it.
  • Add the mixture drop by drop to your ear and see your pain disappear in minutes. However, we recommend you not to use more than two to three drops of the oil at a time. The process can be repeated as often as every hour to cure ear infections.


Also, please note that the asafoetida benefits only when it melts completely in the heated oil.


Asafoetida is a bundle of cures. From digestive issues to ear infection to respiratory disorders, each one can be cured easily by using asafoetida accordingly. Other than that, asafoetida benefits by promoting the general well being of each of the above-mentioned systems.

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Last Published on : Nov 28, 2015