This article is a tale of seven  health benefits of trekking that all trekkers have earned so far from their journeys.


1. Good Focus

Due to changes in the topography including the altitude, the uneven terrain, maintaining balance and various other facets of climbing, the trekker must take his mind off other less important things and focus solely on getting to his destination. Hence, it sharpens your focus by taking your mind off skills.

In addition, it is a well-known fact that most religions in India have a connection with numerous religious sites located at a high topographical region. Spirituality, a calm mind and a sharp focus has a strong connection.


2. Agility

The uneven terrain, the high altitude and the uncertain nature of the road that lays ahead calls for quick thinking and implementation of the action plan. Along with strong muscles, especially in the calf, legs, palms and arms, this makes the muscles agiler and stimulates a quick response.

It improves the sense of judgment in the individual too.


3. High Bone Strength

From stretching to jumping, dodging, climbing, there are the innumerable amount of movements that the human body must undertake to reach its destination while trekking especially to high altitudes.

Each activity has its effect on the muscles and the bones making it stronger and healthier. Not to forget, gaining muscles can help you burn fats and excess calories faster.


4. Good Cardiovascular Health

As you climb higher, energy is consumed fast causing your heart to pump blood faster. In addition, since the concentration of oxygen drops with the increasing altitude, the heart must beat faster in order to get the required concentration of the same. This ensures that your cardiovascular health is in good shape.

By improving circulation, it has the potential to heal minor internal injuries and help you become fitter.


5. Clean Lungs

As we climb higher, the pollution levels tend to reduce since we move farther from the chaos of the modern day, machine dependent lifestyle. The air gets cleaner.

As we bask in the glory of breathtaking scenery, there is always the clean air purified by the presence of the wild vegetation, which drains the remaining dust and soot accumulated in our lungs from our hectic times at city dwelling.


6. Weight Loss

It is a fact well proven that gaining muscles can help you burn the extra calories. The muscles, well developed and fibrous have the potential to burn the stored fats and thus, help in weight loss.

The high altitudes call for carrying your supplies on your back. The extra load on your back if carried properly can prove to be a blessing for your muscles and hasten the weight loss process.


7. Combats Stress, Dementia and Depression

Endorphin, a feel good hormone secreted by the human body in excessive amounts during trekking takes away stress. With the bounties of nature along with the mesmerizing sites from various altitudes is bound to astound you and release all the happy neurotransmitters in the brain. These happy neurotransmitters, in turn, can improve your mental health.

A very well proven fact is that it has high potential to combat dementia, which has its roots deeply set in depression.


Clearly, there is much more to trekking than benefits we derive health wise. Nevertheless, once we begin to sort the benefits of trekking, it will surely be a longer drill than anyone can expect it to be.

Image Credit: Wikimedia