Health Benefits of Playing Football
Health Benefits of Playing Football

Football, also known as soccer is a popular ball game, especially in Europe. Reaping health benefits from football is a cakewalk once you find the time to master the game and keep working towards it on a regular basis if not relentlessly.

This article lists four ways in which benefits of soccer has been recognized well by reputed research institutes.


1. Substantial Increase in Bone Density :

The constant pressure on the limbs requires equal strength from your torso, hind limbs and forelimbs. Thus, with the constant running around with major fluctuations in pace, along with the muscle health, the bone health, more specifically the bone density is bound to improve within four to six weeks of practicing the sport.


2. Improved Muscular Health :

Bone and muscular health go hand in hand. Muscles are often permeated with intermitted fat tissues, which degrade its health. A game of soccer will help you to melt those fats and help the muscles grow tighter. As the density of the muscles increase, so will your strength and the overall shape of your body.

This health benefit from soccer might coincide with other sports but there is no other way to strengthen your muscles like playing football.

3. Improved Self Esteem :

With the improved bone and muscle health, the overall health of the player is bound to improve. One of the most sought after benefit of soccer is how it improves the mental state of the player by the release of positive neurotransmitters. Endorphins, one such neurotransmitter are feel-good hormones that are released when an individual is happy.

On the other hand, dopamine results in a natural high whereas serotonin helps the human body combat stress by relaxing the body. When one is doing well mentally and physically, their self-esteem and confidence are bound to improve rapidly leading to satisfaction and success in life.

4. Resilience towards Pain :

Pain and minor wear and tear from a game such as football are common. With twenty-two people running around the field at a fast pace chasing one ball, minor injuries, major injuries, sprains, cuts, muscle pain etc are common. However, with repeated exercise, the lactic acid formation due to incomplete oxidation in the muscles increases and results in cramps.

These cramps, however, go away with time and give in to higher resilience towards pain in the due course of time. This health benefit of soccer stays with its players for life.

5. Improves Lung and Circulatory Health :

The constant running around, varying pace with time, kicking the ball with your feet along with other consuming physical activities creates a higher demand for oxygen in the body. As the need for higher concentration of oxygen is created, the lungs, in order to compensate for the same, the body elevates the heart rate and the breathing rate accordingly. While the higher levels of intense activity exhaust the energy reserves and helps the body to put on some cardiac strength, it also improves circulation making your heart healthier and lung health better over time.


Football, with its intense levels of physical activity and equally rigorous use of brains for making game-changing decisions, has the potential to become a great recreational activity that heals the body from within making it healthy.

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