The benefits of  Playing Lawn Tennis circle around the overall health of the individual. Lawn Tennis is a competitive sport that enhances the overall personality of the individual instead of concentrating simply emphasizing solely on the body and the health benefits of lawn tennis.


This article aims to connect the reader to see the  health benefits of lawn tennis with the help of various studies and researches, large or small conducted worldwide.Read along as we unleash 5 not so guarded secrets, the Health Benefit from Lawn Tennis game that can help you up your game.


1. Flexibility :

The dodging, stretching, pushing and a whole lot of varied movements made by the body are meant to improve its flexibility.

Flexibility is an important but underestimated aspect of a healthy body. The constant contraction and relaxation of the muscles cause the body to burn more calories in order to provide oxygen.

Flexibility ensures that the regular wear and tear resulting from everyday work does not hamper the body by taking a toll on it leading to long-term chronic health issues.

This health benefit from lawn tennis has been widely acknowledged and understood.


2. Improved Cardiovascular Health :

The constant running around, use of strength, the need to judge the direction and pace of the ball to hit the ball appropriately, calls for the use of ample energy. With so much to do, the heart must cope up accordingly to supply oxygen to all the organs and tissues. The elevated heart rate because of the same improves circulation by removing clots and blockages within the system as well as improving cardiovascular health.

3. Induces Agility, Improves Coordination and Balance :

The time between two shots could be as less as thirty seconds (or even less!). This calls for the player to act fast and learn from their mistakes. Numerous institutes that a good game will improve decision-making ability, induce agility and improve the player’s coordination and balance over time have already proved it.

No wonder we have so many mothers having their children enrolled in tennis classes to become fit and smart, a benefit from lawn tennis that we are all well informed about.

4. Stronger hands and Legs along with increased Strength :

With all the complex postures, you are bound to apply strength to carry the ball through to its destination. As you act continuously towards the same, you can easily see the differences in terms of watching those layers of fat in your arms and those floppy thighs give a tighter group of muscles.

As the muscles grow tighter and firmer by every shot you make, you will see your body grow stronger. Not to mention that the weighing scale will be pointing towards more decent numbers for you too!

5. Improved Confidence Levels :

As an adult or a teen, if you practice any game or a recreational activity to keep yourselves fit and going, it is bound to show its effects on your body. The release of dopamine, endorphins, and other hormones and neurotransmitters that make you happy will improve your mental state and beat those mood swings whereas the physical exercise with help you tone up giving you a positive vibe, which is often essential to the overall success of the human being.

Need we say more how lawn tennis improves your confidence levels?

Image Credit : Wikimedia – 1914 International_Lawn_Tennis_Challenge