health care tips during rainy and monsoon

Everybody loves monsoon season and waiting for its arrival by the farmers eagerly. Suddenly everything becomes lively with a freshness of greenery scenario. Songs of croaks, small insects and Cuckoo’s  welcome sound rejuvenate every living organism.

But Monsoon brings a host of diseases along with it. The diseases which monsoon brings include Food poisoning, Typhoid, Malaria, Flu, Dengue, Cough and Cold, Cholera, Diarrhoea and poor Digestion.  Aged people, as well as children, are prone to infectious diseases. Diabetes mellitus or lung infection and rheumatism are more vulnerable.  During monsoon health problems do arises.

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Monsoon is finally at your doorstep. If you want to be healthy throughout the rainy season, then you are the only one who has to take care of yourself and your family.


The followings are the health care tips to avoid these diseases and stay healthy throughout the monsoon season.


1. Drink Filtered or Mineral water:

During monsoon season, humidity is very high and sweating do not evaporate easily. Rainy season mixed fresh water with dirty water which causes serious infections. It is recommended to carry a water bottle  ( Best Selling Bottled Purified Water ) when you move out of your residence or office.


2. Cook your food properly:

Avoid raw food during rainy season as it may contain bacteria and other parasites. If it is compulsive, soak the vegetable in hot water for a few minutes and enjoy it.   So, cook your food thoroughly.


3. Clean your Veggies and Fruits properly:

Fresh foods during the rainy season  may be unhygienic. Wash it which can remove  toxins and pollutants. In order to kill germs, steam all the leafy vegetables. We should use fresh soup and cooked food which is light and nutritious.


4. Avoid Spicy food:

Peoples having problems of  asthma and diabetes must avoid spicy food during the rainy season. It will act as a trigger the  ill-will.


5. Use Mosquito nets and repellents:

Monsoon brings stagnant water which is the breeding place of mosquitoes. Drain out flower vases and coolers which you do not use. Use mosquito nets as well as creams and repellents. (  Highest Rated mosquito net and repellent )


6. Eat bitter veggies and less sweet fruits:

Eat bitter veggies like neem, bitter gourd etc.which can keep your stomach out of infections and allergies.


7. Have Light dishes:

Avoid heavy dishes during the rainy season which can make your body metabolism over work and make health problems. Use light meal which can give you fewer proteins intake and feel fresh.


8. Goodbye to Street food:

Though street juices, kulfis and sandwich are really tempting  but avoid these during the rainy season as these might contain bacteria which may cause indigestion.


9. Avoid getting in puddles:

If sometimes you end up in the puddle, then you must immediately clean your feet with a soft and dry towel.This can lead to fungal infections or sometimes athlete’s foot. It is advised to keep your raincoats, shoes and socks dry and clean during monsoon.


10. Avoid sudden temperature change:

Whenever you come back home and sweating doesn’t go immediately inside the AC room. The sudden change of temperature may cause cold and cough. ( Don’t forget to take Umbrella. Check out here)


[alert-warning]While you are sweating, don’t take a bath, take 5-10 minutes rest then go to the bathroom. For high Blood Pressure and heart problem patients, sudden change of temperature can bring heart stroke or end of life.[/alert-warning]


We enjoy monsoon but we should not forget about taking care of our health. First droplets of water bring us relieved and joyous, on the contrary, certain health risks we can suffer due to monsoon. Stay healthy throughout the season assuming the above tips during the monsoon season

Do share this personal health care tips with your friends and neighbours.

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Image Credit : Pixabay by Hans