Hot Tea and Hot Coffee in Plastic Cup

It refers to artificial material that allows it to be carved,  pressed, or extruded  into a variety of shapes – such as cups, films, fibres, plates, tubes, bottles, boxes, and  much more.

Plastic polymers can be derived from organic and  inorganic  resources. In United states, most plastic materials are  made from  natural gas.


Plastic Cup and Society:

Plastic have transformed  everyday life of our society. It is inexpensive and easy to dispose. It has  high thermal and electrical insulation properties.The diversity and versatility properties are used to make various products  which can benefit technological advances. The production of plastic materials has increased substantially  within the span of 60 years from 0.5 million tonnes in 1950 to 260 million tonnes today.

Almost all aspects of daily life involve plastics,  kitchenwares, clothing, footwear, in transport,telecommunications, smartphones and a wide range of food drink and other goods.


Disposable Plastic cup has become a vital  item for serving hot tea-coffee at many shops in the town or train journey, despite the fact that the usage of such plastic cups are harmful to human health.


A significant number of plastic cups used to serve beverage, tea and coffee in the town are the product of recycled plastic.


Disposed plastic cups are parts of garbage heaps in the town posing a threat to sudden flood during rainy days which blocked the drainage and a threat to health and environment.


Chart for Plastic Material and corresponding Health effects:


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It is learned that BPA(Bisphenol A), at very low concentration, blocks the effect of several chemotherapy agents on various lines of breast cancer cells. And BPA protects every kind of cancer from every kind of treatment.

Let us  avoid using plastic material for storing hot liquids, hot-bath in plastic tub or hot drink, may be tea-coffee as potentially harmful chemicals will leach out of certain plastics much faster than usual.

And, it is also necessary to know that the problems does not occur when the temperature is low, like containers in the fridge or freezer.

Examining the relationship between plastic products and daily human requirement, we need to have scientific awareness . Looking ahead, we could not resist to bring the end of plastic age described by Yarsly and Couzens in the 1940s and there is much that plastic can contribute to society.

Despite hot drinks in plastic cups for serious health problems, use of plastic cups, plates and containers of food preservation  in the hotels, plaza etc are increasing paramount.

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Image Credit: By English Wikipedia user Daniel Case, CC BY-SA 3.0