We had  invested lots of time during the initial development stage of the Fitlogy. Hence, the idea of  sharing  Resources and  Tools  which we are using for Fitlogy to adjure the ardent blogger will be our first priority.


Following are the Resources and Tools.


1. BIGROCK :    Domain Name & Web Hosting

The  Domain name,  ” Fitlogy “ has been purchased  from BIGROCK.

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Till date,  we are hosting Fitlogy on BIGROCK Server (Linux Hosting). We are satisfied with their Customer support. BigRock  has slightly better prices than other web hosting service. Hence, very good for start-up bloggers.

Big Rock  provides various services including

One of the Big Rock’s  new features is “Creating Mobile-Friendly Websites urgently or Websites in 60 seconds”


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2. WORDPRESS :   Website Content Management System

More than 24% of the web in the world uses WordPress.  It is one of the most used Content Management System  in the world.

The best part of  it is, it is one of the best free software and it is compatible with the various free plugin. Hence, we used this content management system for Fitlogy.


3. WORD PRESS THEMES :   Free Themes

We used  the free themes available with the WordPress before purchasing  the premium theme from  mythemeshop.com . Finding the right theme as per the content and  post is a cumbersome task. We had a trial with various themes before purchasing the Flick theme .


4. MYTHEMESHOP :   Paid WordPress Themes

We had less content (articles) at the beginning. Hence, we opted for a stylish Flick theme which does not display lots of post and widget.

You can check out various popular Premium WordPress Theme and check whether it is compatible with your blog objectives.

Mythemeshop  has the best support team in the market.  A very good theme shop for start-up and beginners.


5. ENVATO MARKET :  Paid WordPress Themes

We will be using the WordPress theme  Newsmag (rated as  the most popular magazine theme by no of  bloggers). Now,  we have more articles than  it was in Dec 2015.

Here,  you can browse various themes and templates, Code & plugins, Footage &  Motion,  Music & Sounds, Graphics & Vector, Photo & images, 3d models & Texture.

It is a market of  premium  themes, photo and Images. You can also check out the most selling WordPress theme here.

Envato has limited support assistance as compared to Mythemshop. They have free support for 6 months only.



We are currently using  Quick Heal. Also using  AVG Antivirus  in some of our devices.

Check out   the most  Selling antivirus product in    U.S.   /  India



We use Microsoft Excel and Word every day  for a variety of  purposes. From writing content to  analysing data, charts etc.

Check out the Microsoft Office  in    U.S.  /  India 


8. MICROSOFT  WINDOWS :  Operating System

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating System  in the world and the best operating system from Microsoft we have ever experienced.

Windows 7 is the operating  system which is installed on all our machines and  we find it user-friendly than other operating System.

Check out the Windows operating System in   U.S.  /  India


9. CLOUDINARY :   Content Delivery Network

Cloudinary  gets your image delivery fast and  highly optimised for all the device. It fetches and  manipulates images on-the-fly. Here, we store all our images for automatic backup.


10. WORDFENCE :  Word Press Security Plugin

Fitlogy uses Wordfence Security which  provides  WordPress security, protecting your Blogs and website from malware and hacks.


11. YOAST :   WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast is one of the best plugins for SEO. It provides real-time content analysis functionality and lots of other features.


12. SMALL SEO TOOLS :   Plagiarism Checker

We check our content Plagiarism  level by this tool  before publishing. It also has a WP plugin  too (we are not using as of now). Its Free !


13. GRAMMARLY :   Grammar Checker

Grammarly makes sure everything you type  is easy to read, effectively, and mistake-free. We are using it to figure out our content error before publishing online.

You can also add it to Google Chrome Web browser. Its Free !


14. ALEXA :  Actionable Analytics for the web

We browse Alexa every day, it displays our Traffic ranking in World and United States. It also displays Search Analytics, all the Sites Linking and much  more data.


15. SEMRUSH :  SEO/SEM competitive intelligence toolkit

It shows Analytics report of Organic Research, Advertising Research, Backlinks, Keyword Research and much more.

Sign up for Free Trial Account.

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16. HOOTSUITE :  Social Media Management Tools

It eases our work. It helps us to manage all our Social Media Networks and schedule post for future publishing.


17. DEVICES :  Mobile and Tablet

We check our content responsiveness in mobile and tablet. Android and iOS Devices

We use the major brands


18. JPEGMINI :  Image Compression Software

It helps to reduce all the images displayed in Fitlogy by 80% without impacting the quality of the images. Hence ,it saves lots of space.


We will keep on updating  this post  in the future as soon as we find new tools and resources which are beneficial for everyone and Fitlogy.



We are using it for managing HTTP redirects.It is one of the best free plugin for WordPress CMS.


20. SNAGIT :  Screen Capture Tools

It is one of the reliable screen capture tools and has great features like

– Sharing screenshot to social networks directly.
– Various types of Screenshot modes.
– Screenshot scrolling window.



DISCLAIMER: Most of the link above are affiliate link and if you buy through this link, we will earn a commission. All the above resources and tools are currently used by Fitlogy. Should you have any queries, please comment !

Image Credit : Pixabay