Save yourself and your loved ones from Air Pollutio

Air pollution literally means the contamination of pollutants in the air, causing various diseases to inhalers like asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Earlier only Asthma and other Respiratory diseases were associated with Air pollution but now even Appendicitis, Cancer and other Terminal illness are also associated with Air pollution.


Air quality is deteriorating day by day because of air pollution. Air quality is essential to maintain so that people can achieve a good health. Children are the ones that fall prey to such terrible effects more likely than adults due to low immunity, but then you and your family cannot wear masks everywhere to save yourself and your family from air pollution.

Below are some points which will help you to save yourself and your family from air pollution:

  • You must have an Air Purifier at home to save yourself and your family from the terrible effects of air pollution.
  • You should try and avoid busy roads where the traffic is maximum because these sites are the ones that have maximum air pollution.
  • You must wear masks wherever and whenever needed in order to save yourself from air pollution.
  • Make sure you and your family have an intake of a lot of antioxidants like cherries, tomatoes etc.
  • Another precautionary measure is to start living in the green areas. We should also plant more trees to control air pollution.
  • We must make sure that we have an air filter installed not just in our homes and workplaces, but also at the schools where our children spend so much time in an order to save ourselves from air pollution.
  • In addition, to save ourselves from air pollution we must also make some efforts like using less electricity and other sources of energy. These little efforts can help us have a better air quality. It will also help us control greenhouse emissions and the best part is you would also be able to save money!


Image Credit : Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0