Have you noticed how the scorching sun leaves behind tan marks on your skin? Sadly, these marks often catch our attention either during the rush hours of the day or during those wee hours when all energy has been drained from our body. The sunlight and the harmful rays from the scorching sun can often leave you with dark spots, patches and tanned skin. While using sunscreen is probably the biggest Skin Care Tip for Summer, it is a precaution and therefore not a solution to the existing problem.

To combat tanning, in this article, we are offering a few simple, quick idea that are not time-consuming. However, to put these skin care tips to action, all you must do is make a quick trip to the kitchen.


1. Orange Peels as a Ready-made Scrub and Skin Whitener :

Orange is a citrus fruit and while we consume the pulp, we often throw the peel away. It is sad for it is the peel and the underlying layer of the peel that contains the maximum nutrients.

  • Tear large pieces of peels into chunk sized pieces and rub it on the tanned regions of our body, namely our hands and legs in addition to face and neck to get rid of the thin layer of pigment skin.

This is due to the action of the mild Vitamin C or citric acid, which upon a few applications will fade the tan marks.

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2. Strawberries to the rescue :

  • Strawberries, when ice chilled and mashed into an uneven paste, can be rubbed on the face and tanned regions to get rid of dark spots.

It is because of the antioxidant content of the berries that the scars lighten readily. Also, the antioxidant content of the berries helps you to rejuvenate your skin, especially dark elbows and knees, dark circles, puffy eyes and other depositions of dead cell mass in the neck region. Have you noticed those tan lines on your feet resulting from your sandals?

Rubbing chilled strawberries are not only an effective cure to eliminating those hideous marks, but it also nourishes the chapped and dry heels making your feet soft and clean.

3. Tomato Pulp :

Like orange, tomatoes are also high in vitamin C. Not to forget those innumerable enzymes that are extraordinarily effective, tomatoes can be used to effectively treat tanning.

  • For the same, you can either dice the tomato into large quarters or you could make the tomato into a slurry by applying pressure between your fingers before you start rubbing on your skin.
  • Though some people refrain from using the pulp and the seeds, we think it is a good idea not to scrape them off and simply rub the chunky skin of the fruit on the face.


While these skin care tips for summer are highly effective, they may take a time to work for you depending on a large number of factors, including your skin type and the intensity of the damage caused.

Hold your patience and practice these skin care tips on a regular basis for some time to see visible results. However, you must abandon the natural remedy in case of rashes, irritation or itchiness.

This is often because of the pesticides used in the cultivation of the fruit.

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Image Credit: Wikimedia