Holi, the festival of colors can be fun but the following day can turn into a serious nightmare. To save yourself some serious harm, we bring you these skin care tips for Holi.

With the festival round the corner, it is only legit that you plot a life savaging strategy for your delicate skin.

For your convenience, we have distributed this article into two parts, namely the before and after of the ceremony so that you know what must be done when.


Before Playing Holi:


  1. Oil Your Skin

Oiling your skin is the most crucial part of protecting it from damage. Creating an impermeable layer of moisture on your skin will ensure that the colors do not permeate and give rise to any allergies.

  • From coconut oil to olive oil or even castor oil, either of the options is suitable.
  • Nevertheless, of course, castor oil must be mixed with another oil to make it application friendly. Coconut oil with its small particles reaches deep into the pores and serves the purpose way better.

Now you know what to do before you step out on a sunny holi morning. By the way, this little skin care tip for holi applies to your entire body and not just your face.


  1. Use a good moisturizer with Sunscreen

When you are out in the sunshine, we must not have to explain the role of a good moisturizing sunscreen. The role of the product is to redirect the harmful UV rays, which will not allow the synthetic chemicals to adhere to your skin.

  1. Beauty commandments they hardly inform you about

  • A night before you hit the party, paint your nails in a vibrant playful color. In addition, if you refuse to let the spirit of the festival dawn on you, apply two to three coats of transparent nail lacquer. Following that, continuously massage your hands with petroleum jelly since it will prevent the colors from settling in.
  • Don on cotton clothes and refrain from synthetic materials. The synthetic materials tend to cling to the skin aggravating the damage from the colors. Moreover, the more you are covered, the less damage your skin suffers.
  • Apply generous amounts of clear lip balms or coconut oil on your lips to prevent the color from settling in. Damaged chapped lips remain at higher chances to further damage.
  • Lenses are a big no no. God forbid, if the color enters your eye and you have lenses on, that is going to cause irritation and infection in no matter of time. Glasses are a better alternative. The bigger the frames, the more protected your eyes are.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Hydrating yourself on a regular basis will moisturize your skin from within not allowing the colors to adhere to the skin cells.

Of course, no one ever mentioned these skin care tips for holi to you.

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After Playing Holi:

  1. A face freshener is a liquid with the goodness of a soothing element.

  • It could be anything from aloe vera gel to rose water or simply water infused with mint, as long it has cooling properties, keep it handy!
  • The liquid along with some cotton pads or wet wipes can help you to get rid of color.
  • Pat the mixture in generous amounts and rub it in circular motions without being harsh.


  1. Do not use a face wash on your face immediately after hitting the washroom. Face washes rob the skin of the essential oils, which can make it dry and more prone to breakouts.


  1. Like face washes, soaps that contain fillers are yet another source of damage to your skin. To prevent irritation on your body,

  • wash off the colors with a mild soap or an aloe based or glycerin soap. With mild moisturizing, they tend to take away a lot lesser than the former.
  • If you get frequent breakouts, it is advisable to use a mixture of raw milk and ground gram flour to remove those colors. Milk can be substituted with yoghurt too but raw milk is much more efficient since the enzymes are much active.


4. With all the colors, your skin is already vulnerable.

  • The least you can do is not to scrub it or wash it hot water. The warm water may cause redness and irritation whereas the former may result in to a similar circumstance, more so if the source of scrubbing is a rough brush or a coarse cloth.


5. Irrespective of how much color you have gotten rid of, the most important part of all the skin care tips for holi is to moisturize the skin. While you can moisturize with any body lotion or oil, we suggest you to stay away from the chemicals in the cosmetic products for some time, while it heals. Remember that light body lotion recipe we religiously handed over to you, it is time to put that into some good use.


Do not get facials, threading or waxing done at least 5 to 6 days before and after holi. These treatments tend to open the pores of the skin making it more prone to the damage caused by the colors.

Holi can wreck havoc on your skin while you are out there making the most of the opportunity at hand. We advise you to stay away from synthetic colors, opt for herbal ones; stick to Pinks and Reds and avoid the Purples, Greens and Yellows (they are more harmful, yes!) and of course, put these easy-peasy skin care tips for holi to some serious use.