Winter Exercise Tips


Do not let dipping temperatures to keep you indoors in winter.

The winter fresh air enhances body energy and controls depression, tension, anxiety and frustration.  As the body is exposed to sunlight, it becomes defendant to depression and other seasonal disorders.

Try the simple running as winter exercise to burn more calories this winter and improve your mood.

Start winter exercise as  jogging or walking  to shed off those extra pounds gained out of hot chocolate drinks.

Map Route for Running

Running is one of the most effective winter exercises. Select a map for running and cover it every day.


Warm Up

Perform a quick warm up before you start any winter exercise. You can simply walk around or jog in your home. This will help your body to adjust to the outer conditions as you head out.


Keep it brief

Avoid getting out for running in too chilled weather. You can stretch inside the home in a slower pace if it is extreme cold outside. Adjust your body to the prevailing temperature before showering.


Keep it small

Run for half the way which you normally run. For example, if you run for four miles during summer months, start with two in winter.


Hydrate the body

Our body sweats equally in winter. Keep your body hydrated throughout the winter exercise session for better performance.


Be flexible

Even if you are a winter exerciser, you should hold off until mid-afternoon during extremely cold days.

Image Credit: Flickr