Warm, cozy and stylish chic sweaters are a must have in any girl’s wardrobe. The greatest reason to wear a sweater is that it compliments all body types. You can sport a sweater irrespective of the fact that your body is plus size or slim. Sweater is the leading winter outfit for women. You can get various styles and patterns of sweaters for women online.

Sweaters can be teamed up with almost everything in your wardrobe. It can be your short skirt, jeans or leggings or jeans. Don a sweater with your winter outfits and make your own signature style statement for the season.


Health factors associated with sweaters:

Wool is more skin-friendly and breathable than any other man-made fabric like nylon, polyester or spandex. Toxins lurking in synthetic winter garments get absorbed through your skin. Remember, skin is your largest organ and the toxins bypass to various other organs. Hence, it causes nausea, itching, and skin rashes. Woollens, on the other hand, are comfortable, affordable and versatile.


Selecting winter Sweater for Women:

We girls like to look stylish and trendy always, don’t we? Let’s make winter more fashionable and wear latest sweaters. Women, who try and enhance their collection with latest clothing, are more fascinated towards sweaters. The prime reason behind such selection is the versatility of this garment. You can team it up with all your dresses and accessorize it with anything you find handy.

Sweaters are an essential item for women in their wardrobe. Sweaters for women come in various colors, styles and pattern. It flatters every body type and goes with every skin tone. Girls it’s vital for you to have number of sweaters to wear for different occasions.Let us talk about the different types of sweater for you:


Top Sweater Patterns for women  


  1. Cotton Sweaters

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Cotton sweaters or sweatshirts are relaxed, versatile and ultimate comfortable wear for men and women. It is one of the most favorite wardrobe items for women as they can easily layer them over their polo shirts, t-shirts or padded gilets without looking bulky ! Cotton sweaters can also be smartly worn over denims with belts to get the “smart chick” look. It is in fact one of the gym bag essential for girls as it goes well with plimsolls, tracksuits and leggings.

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  1. Angora Sweater

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Angora sweaters are more liked by women due to its lightness, softness and ability to coat. The temperature insulation power of angora sweaters is 20 times greater than sheep wool sweaters. Angora pullover sweaters come in a variety of neck design. You can get them in V neck, high neck, round neck and in many other designs. This sweater looks great when don over jeans pants. You can also wear them over your leggings and stockings. Angora sweater design is more liked by girls who have belly fat and love handles as it hides them all cleverly. Buy them online at the websites we have mentioned here.

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Flipkart  ,     Myntra


  1. Poncho Sweater

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Poncho sweaters are mostly made by blending acrylic, polyester and cotton. You can find these sweaters for women at almost all online stores. They come in a variety of color and designs. You can get them in single color, multi-color checks, floral and many other prints. Poncho sweaters serve most during the beginning and end of the winter season. They are extremely comfortable and stylish. You find them more breathable, as there remains a lot of scope for the air to pass in. You can get completely woollen poncho sweaters also. If you are not able to find them at your local market, buy them online at the given links.

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  1. Knit Sweater

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Celebrate the glory and power of yarn by wearing knit sweaters. Who can resist the temptation of splendid colored yarns knitted to form warm and stylish winter wear! Accessorize them with colorful scarves, hats, heavy socks or mittens to get the perfect winter look. You can get knit sweaters for women in solid, semi-solid, and light colors. They are available in hand-painted, natural colors and kettle-dyed bleaches. Multi-colored yarns can make a simplest knit sweater look extraordinarily ravishing. You all will agree that knit sweaters bring on the classic style of winter wears. It gives you the vintage winter look. Buy them online at the given links.

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  1. Cashmere Sweater

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No women can ever deny the ultimate and incredible luxury of cashmere sweaters. In fact, this is one of the proudest possessions of any girl in her wardrobe. Cashmere is a very soft material and is light in weight as it is made from the softest and most expensive wool. It got its name from Kashmir, which happens to be the place of origin of this sweater. Cashmere sweaters are made in different styles and are considered to be most luxurious and elegant. If you find cashmere expensive, then you really need to look around. One of the brilliant ways of getting great prices on cashmere sweaters for women is to buy it online. Here is where you can find it online.

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  1. Wool Sweaters

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Wool sweaters give you natural warmth and wicks away moisture from your skin. Wool sweaters are made from animal hair or fur. You can acquire stylish winter looks from the silky woolen sweaters for women. Dyed wools are knitted to form excellent sweaters. If you are fond of colors and if you like it vibrant, this one is surely for you.

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  1. Cardigan Sweaters

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A cardigan sweater is a sweater, which has buttons or zipper in front. You can match cardigans with a type of clothing. It wards off the chill of the winter season, as well as glam up your winter look. A cardigan sweater over your jeans lowers, accessorized with a brooch will definitely make a style statement. You can wear cardigan sweaters for formal occasions. The right belt and the top inside are the keys of your formal look with the cardigan sweater.

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  1. Half Sweater

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Half sweaters come to your rescue when you look for both comfort and style. Cold is at its peak during December and meager during October and February. Try half sweaters during this period of winter when cold is subtle. It will comfort you from mild chilly winds and boost your confidence like never before. Half sweaters are easy to carry also. Wear them over your full sleeve sweatshirts, they will look amazing.

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  1. Pullover Sweaters

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Ladies, it’s time for you to flaunt the chic in you and go funky with colorful pullover sweaters. Wear them at over your pants and you are ready to mark your impression. You can get cold to cute all types of pullover sweaters online. Get inspired and wear the ones with graphics. A scarf around your neck and a beanie will complete your look this winter. Contrast your lower’s color with your pullover and create the magic!

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  1. Turtleneck Sweater

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If you really want to sizzle up your winter look, grab a turtleneck sweater. It will brilliantly compliment your favorite jeans and provide a sense of sophistication. Turtleneck sweaters first came in to use to protect the neck from those chilly winds. Gradually, this sweater pattern has gained popularity amongst women due to its voguish look and sassy style.

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  1. Cropped Sweater

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Now this is something that new age girls would love! The cropped sweaters for women! These are most worn in tropical climate countries. Every girl love this sweater due to its unique cut and glamorous look it brings on to them. Try one this winter and look ultimate snappy.

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  1. Long Sweaters

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Long sweaters are a must have women’s winter collection. Team them up with tight lowers and they give you the ultimate gorgeous winter look. Simple long sweaters look absolutely flattering, when worn over colorful leggings. It covers your full body and is saviors during chilly winter months. You can wear them work, as well as at casual parties.

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  1. V-Neck sweater

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We all have been fond of our school sweater with the V Neck design, weren’t we? A v neck sweater and a pair of denims, this is all what you need to bring that school girl look back. Wear V-Neck sweaters for formal meetings and at office. Single color V-Neck sweaters for women are beyond a doubt a girl’s deepest winter fashion desire. Check out these links to buy one of your favorite colors. Rock the chic look this season with V-Neck sweaters.

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  1. Sleeveless Sweater

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 Countries with tropical climate host lovely spring and autumn winter. This happens during the beginning and ending of the winter season. Sleeveless sweaters look dapper and are great cushion to the cold of the changing season. This is the time when you have the greatest possibility of catching cold. Buy fashionable sleeveless sweaters to safeguard yourself from this cold. You can get a number of designs and patterns in sleeveless sweaters for women.

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Jabong ,  Snapdeal ,   Amazon.in  ,  Myntra


So girls what are you waiting for? Begin your winter shopping and get a stylish look for this festival season. Christmas is knocking the doors, followed by the grand welcome of the New Year. It’s already breezy outside. It is time for you to combat the harsh winter in style. Go ahead and buy these gorgeous sweaters for women!

Image Credit : pixabay