Workouts from Housework

In terms of fitness, there is more to housework than you could well imagine? The boring routine tasks of cleaning, mopping and dusting may make you feel a sense of monotony. It might also make you feel that you lack physical exercise but think for a moment or two, what exactly is housework if not physical activity. If you could expand your mind and innovate a bit, you could well channel enough energy into your housework to make it feature as your personal workout for the day.

Workouts from housework help you accomplish two factors of housework and a means to good health.

So without much further ado, here are five exceptional ways to get your workouts from housework.


1.Waxing From a Tin Rather Than a Spray

It is easy to wax your floors or your car from a spray as it involves little or no effort.

However if did your waxing from a tin instead, then that would take a considerable effort involving movement and pressure. The continuous sweeps and strokes of your hand would not only be similar to a cardio session, the resistance pressure involved would work out your muscles too.


2. Alternate between Household Tasks

Perform various household tasks that feature both storeys of your home at intervals.  For example, if you have finished dusting and cleaning on the ground floor, run upstairs to complete another task in the second storey.

This is akin to an extended form of cardio where you alternate your workouts. The intensity and pace at which you perform your tasks could well be similar to a High intensity interval training workout in the privacy of your home. Don’t forget to rest in between.


3. Pump up the Volume

When performing routine tasks like cleaning, vacuuming and dusting, turn on some catchy music and perform an exaggerated movement of the task that you are doing. Even if you break into a dance while you’re at it, that would be even more beneficial because what you are actually performing is your own style of housework aerobics. It’s all a matter of perspective but one which requires the same effort in working out.


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4. Sweat It Out In the Kitchen

Kitchens aren’t exactly comfortable places to be in during summer, but why not?? Just suit up in light workout clothing and start you’re chopping, peeling, washing and cutting with fervor  that helps you break into a nice sweat to effectively burn up those calories.

The best way to do so would be to knead your own dough. Kneading requires movement and pressure. Not only are you increasing your endurance, you’re also strengthening your arms in the bargain with your own form of resistance activity.


5. Sweeping , Dusting and Mopping

Mopping and sweeping require a lot of stretching and bending. When you’re in the mood for a good workout, then cleaning out the fans and windows in all your rooms isn’t a bad idea. Washing windows, mopping floors and dusting in inaccessible nooks and crannies all contribute a great deal to stretching your body where those muscles are effectively stretched and oxygenated.

Stretching increases flexibility and strengthens your bones and joints.


Workouts from housework help you acquire the same benefits as you would from a gym. It is an ideal opportunity to stay fit and reduce the risk of several conditions such as weight gain and cardiovascular disease. And more importantly you get a great deal of housework done leaving your home spick and span.

Here are some typical household activities and the calories they burn.


Calories Burned
15 Min of  carpet cleaning39
15 Min of  mopping43
15 Min of  vacuuming43
15 Min of  washing dishes standing22
1 Hr Running up and down stairs516
15 Min cleaning windows45
15 Min dusting44
15 Min multitasking43

Image Credit: Pixabay by ArtsyBee

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