health benefits of swimming

Going by general scientific logic and proven, certified by several surveys and studies made in the recent past by various reputed scientific research institutes around the world, it is an unchallenged fact that there are innumerable Health Benefits of Swimming.

This article identifies 5 of them and reports the tits and bits of the same for your good.

5 Health Benefits you can reap from Swimming



1. Cardiovascular Health

As you take a dip in the water, you have to force enough air into your lungs that you can survive in the water. With time and practice, you can eventually increase the amount of air you intake. This increase in the capacity to hold more air makes your lungs healthy and elevates your heart rate to achieve a greater degree of fitness.

With improved circulation, a healthier heart and a fit and fine pair of lungs, surely swimming must be incorporated into your workout regime.


2. Tones Muscles

In scientific terms, water is denser than air. This increase in density is the reason why with swimming, your body will regain strength and shape. The movement in water due to higher density requires more force on the part of the swimmer.

As the swimmer applies more strength, it only makes sense that the repeated contact with water will only make you stronger by toning the muscle underneath your skin and the layer of fats that has accumulated from the times you have spent laying around on the comfortable couch.


3. Burns Calories

Swimming, like any other aerobic forms of exercise, burns calories by two means, one, directly by oxidizing the fat to produce energy for the act of swimming and two, indirectly by developing your sagging muscles, this with their increasing mass can oxidize the depositions of fat. Whereas the first one requires constant effort and the oxidization is restricted solely towards the elimination of fat, the latter focuses on burning fat subconsciously, even when the body is rejuvenating itself in sleep.

An added benefit is how the fluidity of the water makes you do less work while your body reaps maximum benefits. Thus, there is not one but two ways, by which swimming benefits obese people.

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4. Lubricates Joints and makes them Healthy

While the water around you keeps the soaring temperature in check, the water also helps to keep your system lubricated. Most aerobic exercises that have found a place in the lists of recreational activity that can benefit you can bruise your bones and lead to wear and tear if you are not alert. Swimming, with the presence of water as the medium, is not only denser but benefits your bones by lubricating all the crucial joints.

Drying up of the synovial fluid that often leads to arthritis can very well be avoided with swimming. Reportedly, senior citizen yields higher health benefits from swimming.


5. A Sharper Brain, A Happier You

Like Yoga and other forms of aerobic exercise, swimming also has the power to stimulate the secretion of a neurotransmitter called endorphin. This endorphin, a chemical substance that is largely responsible for alleviating stress and making a person happier can result in a natural high. Thus, swimming can improve your mental health by sharpening your brain and keeping your spirits high.


Acting as a sort of meditative exercise, swimming can drain all the negative energy by draining all the distractions making the brain sharper with increased ability to concentrate.

If these five benefits of swimming do not convince you to hit the pool at the earliest, we seriously do not know how else to motivate you!


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