Basketball is one of  an excellent sport especially if you want to remain fit and healthy.This article lists eight such Health Benefits  of Basketball.


Basketball is highly flexible with the venue and the number of players but the game remains unchallenged on the vigorousness of intense physical activity. It is because of the same that basketball has so many health benefits. The health benefits from basketball have gained it popularity and fan following all around the world.


1. Confidence Booster

Being a part of a team and working together towards a goal gives a sense of accomplishment. When you accomplish the goals for the team, you gain greater confidence towards your own skills. These skills reinstate one’s faith in their abilities helping them regain their confidence even in real life.


2. Bone Strength

Basketball demands jumping , dribbling and quite a few physically demanding moves. These moves channel the energy deposits of the body towards depletion of fats within the body, developing the muscles and making the bones stronger. With the increase in bone density by enriching it with calcium reserves, it reduces the chances of breakage of bones. Given the rates of increase in the occurrence of osteoporosis and bone-related issues, this benefit from basketball is indeed a boon for the humankind.


3. Beneficial for the Immune System

As the release of endorphins makes you feel happy, you are sure to combat stress. With an increase in confidence, the body’s abilities to defend itself against the disease-causing pathogens and microorganisms increase too.


4. Spatial Awareness

Most often than not, a human has this tendency of loss of balance with no practice. While you hone your skills at learning basketball, you are sure to master landing perfectly on your feet every time. Learning to balance is a part of getting hold of your coordination skills.

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5. Mental Strength

Shooting, jumping, throwing etc requires an idea about the distance and the speed. As you begin to judge both the features, you will grow more confident and help them take effective decisions. The increase in mental strength is a remarkable benefit from basketball.

6. Muscular Strength

With full use of the forelimbs, the hind limbs, the torso, back and the shoulders, basketball covers almost all the major muscle groups in the body. With the core muscle group covered, the game helps in all round development of the body. As the layer of fat beneath the skin is exhausted, the muscles unleash themselves. Not to forget, that with all the exercising, they have tightened themselves up making the body regain strength and vigor.

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7. Weight Management

Basketball burns an average of seven hundred calories per hour. Imagine how many calories you would be shedding on a regular basis. This is because basketball is chiefly an aerobic exercise. Along with having in numerous health benefits, basketball also helps obese and overweight people regain their original state of health.

8. Effective and Efficient Cardiovascular Exercise

Basketball requires constant energy. To meet these energy needs, the body elevates the oxygen intake by increasing the breathing and heart rate. Functioning as a cardiovascular exercise, basketball has a positive effect on the heart and the circulatory health of the player.


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